Saturday, January 8, 2011

lonely blog out in the cold with no one to love.

yeah, that's my blog. poor bloggy. well im working on a post for ryland's 1st birthday! my little man has been 1 for a couple weeks now! woohoo! the party was a success and so much fun! hoping to get that up soon. :) i go back to school in 10 days. well, hopefully. im having some huge financial aid problems so we'll see if i can get those worked out. :/ in the mean time, i have been completely soaking up my time off and loving every minute with the kids. well not every minute. you know there are some minutes where they get slightly annoying. ;) alright, going to work on that 1st birthday party post! peace.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

just wondering about cloth wipes?

so ive always wondered this about those who use cloth wipes for their little ones and i mean no disrespect. just seriously wondering. do you use them for yourself and the rest of the family too? because some of the points of using cloth wipes are they are better for the environment, produce less waste, saves money, no chemicals, and such right? so why not ditch the tp and use them for the whole family? i dunno, does this make sense or is it totally out there? lol. poop is poop whether from your little one or yourself. and if you've been using them for your little ones wiping up messes then what would be the big deal using for yourself too? :D so maybe some do actually do this. just a completely curious question. :)


Monday, December 13, 2010

music monday.

these are a few of my fav songs lately that have been putting me in a good mood. :)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Formula Friday.

not that kind of formula, silly. every friday here on MG2C i want to try to come up with an 'equation' to sum up my day.
here's is today's formula:

me + the end of the semester + working in the lab all day - missing the opening of the worlds largest h&m = mixed emotions of happiness, tiredness, and sadness.



Sunday, September 26, 2010

weekend fun fest: part 1

friday we went to a friend's daughter's 2nd bday party. it was toy story themed and so cute!

saturday morn, the girls have a rec center class they go to. here they are after it showing off their atwork and just being plain cute. ha.

we went to a car show last night. it was kind of a waste because we drove all the way down there but then the hubby felt too lost in the crowds, tired, and wanted to go home after about 30 mins. i was kind of enjoying myself and the kids were too. these cars were so beautiful. it's almost like walking through an art museum. it's pretty neat. :D except everyone and their mom was smoking and it was pretty nasty. so i was glad to get out of the smoke cloud! here's some pics:

ooh la la. a pretty pink car fit for a princess!

hubby liked that purple one

my little car model :D


this car was so pimp being that it was decked out in leopard print.

a couple cars rockin the lakers colors

a pink car with lashes. cute!

and got some yummy yogurtland after. mmm. :)

up next- weekend fun fest: part 2: carnival!


Friday, September 24, 2010

the new stuff.

isn't the new blog design perfecto? it was done by Jenn over at Double Duty Mommy! she is an awesome blog designer so be sure to check her out at Apple of My Eye Designs as she has some grand opening specials going on right now!

so, the skinny with me:

im about 5 weeks into this fall semester and its going great! the first exams always sting a little, but that's okay. i know what to expect now.

i also got a student position working in my water management (Biol 438) professor's, Dr. Devitt's Urban Water Conservation Lab. i'll be helping grad students do their research for a few different projects. i know one project is testing how the runoff of the salt used to de-ice roads in mt charleston affects the surrounding soils and plant life. another project is testing how effective reuse water is in growing plant made pharmaceuticals. it's so fun and exciting! i worked on monday and it went by so fast! i did some carbonate bicarbonate titrations regarding the reuse water samples. and here is a picture of an experiment i did. using cryogenic vacuum distillation, I collected water fractures from soil samples so that the grad students can test them in the isotope lab.

 it's nice being paid to do something you really enjoy! i've become very interested in becoming a soil scientist too so we'll see what happens. :)

i talked with an advisor so i'm expected to finish up my coursework by next fall! oh, i can't wait and i'm so excited! c/o 2011 :)

the kiddos are all doing great! sabrina is loving the 1st grade and her 1st grade teacher. at first, she missed kindergarten and her kinder teach a whole lot! but 1st grade is growing on her. she is starting to feel like a big kid. :D

jayda missed the kindergarten cutoff date by 2 days so she will be starting kinder next year. :( she was very sad but we do what we can to keep her busy. she is in a kinder prep rec center class on saturdays and i'm looking into getting them into dance again! jayda's 5th birthday is oct 2! her party is on the 10th. she is having a mario themed party at the park. this is our first attempt doing a party at the park as the weather always seems to suck and get really windy. but we're trying it this time. these girls are obsessed with mario so it will be fun decorating for this! they even have princess peach and princess daisy costumes. and im going to dress ryland up as a little baby mario. haha

ryland is 9 months! 3 more months and he'll be devouring his very 1st bday cake! its gone fast but i've enjoyed every little moment with this little guy. he is an amazing little boy!

well it's the weekend! i need to go enjoy myself. :) have a good one everyone!


Friday, August 20, 2010

back 2 school.

well, after this weekend, back to school i go. i have really enjoyed the summer but it's always fun to start a new semester. new classes to explore & i always get that giddy feeling like a little kid. i think i even want to buy a few back 2 school outfits :) my friend sam & i hung out on campus today. it is her 1st semester so i showed her the buildings her classes would be in, the student union, bookstore, student wellness & rec center, etc. & helped her get her student id. it was fun hanging out. i saw where a couple of my classes were too cuz even i get lost ;) we got some caramel fraps after so that was delish. it was fun talking to her because we have a lot in common.

my big girl is starting the 1st grade the following week! im eager to see how she will like the full day since in kinder she only had 1/2 days. she would always seem so tired even after only 2.5 hrs so how is she going to do after 6 hrs? i wonder if she'll prefer hot or cold lunches? just excited for her & hope she has a great year & thoroughly enjoys herself :) she is growing up! she no longer wants a 'character' back pack. she had a my little pony one for kinder. she wants to use my polka dot jansport. no wait, nm i just asked her and she said she wants a princess back pack. lol. chicks = indecisive.

i like that when it is time to go back to school, it is all fall-ish and the leaves start changing colors & falling. & there is that cool, crisp air & smell. nope, not here in vegas. it's still freakin hot as hell. in the 100s. and will continue to be 'summer' for atleast 2 more months. so you can expect to see the chicks in their booty shorts, halters, & heels on campus for a while longer. no worries guys.

i got some of my books today too. makes me wanna cry how much you have to dish out for that. hundreds of $$ kissed goodbye. i saved like $60 on a book buying through amazon though & i signed up for amazon student so i get free 2 day shipping for a year! awesome possum. i got a molecular model kit today too for my organic chem class. the kids and i will have fun making molecules together. :)

well peeps, it's time for me to sleep. it's after midnight. lates.