Sunday, February 28, 2010

sabrina ballerina.

today i'm posting about my 1st born. Sabrina Noelle. she is my pretty, pretty princess. at almost 6 yrs of age, she loves to dress up & put on her play makeup. owns just about a bagillion princess dresses & shoes :)

she is shy & wild at the same time. how so?

when i drop her off at school she is so quiet and polite. a couple weeks ago, she brought her notebook to school and sat against a lamp post on the playground while she drew in it :D ever so emo of her. her teacher said she is always spinning in the class room to and fro. doing her lil ballerina moves. says she's an introvert kinda keeping to herself but also has opened up a lot to her & her friends. and always likes to have everything kept so neat.. wow, who is this girl?? lol

now at home it's a whole notha story. she is a loud, laughing, sometimes drama queen. she can definitely turn on the water works if needed. she really was such a good 1st baby. at almost 2 was when the diva needed to come out. and she discovered the tantrum. :D she's very cuddly. loves to hug. she loves to touch our ears & cheeks because she says they're so soft! she used to like to touch her own belly button too. haha.

she's very sensitive. she can get sad if you just call her funny or look at her the wrong way. heh. i love how when i do her hair in the morning, she runs to the mirror to see how it looks. we call her baby or breens. & she's definitely sugar n spice & everything nice. gotta love this lil girl :)
(photo above taken by jen miller)

Monday, February 22, 2010

me in a blog nutshell.

i am katy.
i am 23 years old.
im from hawaii.
my 1st born daughter Sabrina came 03.29.2004.
my 2nd daughter Jayda was born 10.02.2005.
my baby son Ryland arrived on 12.22.2009.
i married my highschool sweetheart jacob (24) in '04.
im a senior at unlv majoring in environmental biology and minoring in env studies.

i like school cuz its me time.
i like shopping.
i like soda.
i like sitting.
i just realized i like a lot of things that start with s.
i avoid walking under trees.

intrigued? thought so.

1st post.

hi :) that is all. more to come. hehe