Saturday, January 8, 2011

lonely blog out in the cold with no one to love.

yeah, that's my blog. poor bloggy. well im working on a post for ryland's 1st birthday! my little man has been 1 for a couple weeks now! woohoo! the party was a success and so much fun! hoping to get that up soon. :) i go back to school in 10 days. well, hopefully. im having some huge financial aid problems so we'll see if i can get those worked out. :/ in the mean time, i have been completely soaking up my time off and loving every minute with the kids. well not every minute. you know there are some minutes where they get slightly annoying. ;) alright, going to work on that 1st birthday party post! peace.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

just wondering about cloth wipes?

so ive always wondered this about those who use cloth wipes for their little ones and i mean no disrespect. just seriously wondering. do you use them for yourself and the rest of the family too? because some of the points of using cloth wipes are they are better for the environment, produce less waste, saves money, no chemicals, and such right? so why not ditch the tp and use them for the whole family? i dunno, does this make sense or is it totally out there? lol. poop is poop whether from your little one or yourself. and if you've been using them for your little ones wiping up messes then what would be the big deal using for yourself too? :D so maybe some do actually do this. just a completely curious question. :)