Friday, March 26, 2010

losing it!!

and i'm not talking about my mind. although with all i have going on you'd think that. haha. but no, i'm talking about my hair! post-partum hair loss is a bitch! it's seriously so freaking annoying.

i didn't really notice it with my girls. i mean, my hair has always shed like an animal. but i started noticing it this time several weeks ago. when im showering, it's the worse. i run my fingers through my hair and get chunks! then when i brush my hair, it doesn't even look like a brush anymore but like i'm brushing my hair w/ a cat. wtf.

then the strands just keep coming out throughout the day. i can even touch my head without a strand falling off. hair is always all over my clothes. we're constantly  having to vacuum as it gets all over the house and car. i even found a strand in my salad the other week! UGH! (do not let me prepare you any food without a hair net.) i absolutely hate when it gets on baby boy so i'm constantly checking him! man, it's a nightmare. Attack of the Hairs. eff.

and then i was sitting on one of those white plastic lawn chairs the other week. well all the hair that was on my clothes or ready to fall out was attracted to the chair. when i got up the chair was COVERED in hair. freaking hair chair. it was so gross to me. had to gather it all up and throw it out!

i already notice it getting pretty thin. i wouldn't be surprised if i had to start wearing a hat soon. gosh, just feels like a lot is falling out. pretty soon, i will look like this.

here's a pic from yesterday. it doesn't look that bad yet. i have it all in the front though and it's seems about 1/2 it's usual thickness.

im debating on doing a shorter cut like a bob cuz long hair just really sucks right now. most websites i read say your hair is back to normal anywhere from 6-12 months postpartum. i hope really soon cuz it's lame.

Monday, March 22, 2010

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's so hard to study...

...with a hubby and 3 LO's. i sit down to study & one daughter wants help getting a snack. i sit down again to study & the other wants help reading a book or playing a game. i once again try to study & the baby boy is ready to eat. and when i am actually in front of my work, the girls are wrestling with thier loud lil mouths and the baby is grumbling cuz he just wants to be held or the hubby wants me to help pick up around the house or help fold laundry. & when i actually do fold laundry, i don't always get to put it away right away & the girls manage to mess them up every time...

oh lol. it's always something. almost never uninterrupted.

but i realize i kinda love it. i like the chaos & busy-ness or i would go crazy in boredom like i do when i'm not around them. BUT at the same time, i do get out every once in a while for time to myself or i would also go crazy :D

it's so hard to study, yet alone get out of the house to make it to school. on time. im always rushing to make sure the girls have lunch & that sabrina is dressed & ready for school (thank god for sabrina being on track break, heh) gotta make sure i have all the books i need in my bag. then i try to breastfeed the baby boy right before i leave. i often make it out of the house without even getting the chance to brush my teeth or put on my makeup. which is just seriously scary. thankfully i always have wisp disposable toothbrushes in my purse. love those things.

& then when i get back home from school, i usually immediately have a baby that wants to breastfeed, messes that are made that need to be cleaned up, & i gotta help the kinder kid w/ her homework. through it all, i have to find a few hours to get what work i need to get done for the day. ahh. i wouldn't have it any other way though. life is good :)

alright. well. i need to go study.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


the baby. he has completed our family. his name is Ryland Everett. at age 2.5 months he is such a joy! it's so new to me raising a boy but i am loving it so much. i <3 having a momma's boy :)

daddy always said he never wanted a son. he just wanted daddy's girls. but he was wrong :D he has become so attached to this lil boy. he thinks he is just too cute & says it everyday!

still learning so much about this lil boy each & everyday as he grows. but here's what we do know:

he loves him some boobie. nursing relaxes him.
his smiles are happily opening his mouth as big as he can.
he is such a mellow lil dude.
he recently started liking tummy time.
he's already absolutely annoyed with his sisters because they get in his face & kiss him lots. he cries when he knows they're near :D
he babbles and squaks to us. i have nice long convos w/ my lil mr. dinosaur.
he makes a sad lip at this loud annoying sound i make.
he likes splashing his feet in a bubble bath.
the kid loooves his sleep. sleeps for 8 hrs through the night & still takes a couple naps during the day!

well those are some of the things about my lil man. im having so much fun with my rylee bug and can't wait to learn more everyday!

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Monday, March 8, 2010


jayda amaris. she is my middle child. and she is freaking hilarious! she says and does the most random things. instead of saying' i don't know' she says 'i cant know' :D she's always been a a tom boy & a daredevil. she broke her arm in oct 2009 when she jumped off her loft bed, crazy girl! she's always getting hurt & runs into walls & tables. lol. yet, she still loves to play dress up, tea parties, & barbies w/ her big sis.

she desperately wants to go to school. she'll have to wait until next yr :( but she's so smart & sometimes corrects her big sis.

she's always been so tiny. at age 4.5 she's 28lbs. was in the hospital a lot last yr. she was diagnosed w/ asthma last yr & has to be on a nebulizer now. she's a sweet lil girl. always so helpful around the house! i absolutely love how every. single. morning. she wakes & and without thinking says so cheerfully, good morning mommy!

an interesting thing about her is that her daddy wanted to name her Moon. i know crazy right. wasn't gonna happen. but i looked up names that mean moon online & he was happy w/ Amaris. so that was good :D she's my boo boo. my mar bear. & she's so much fun :)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

16 & Pregnant.

No, not the popular tv show. I'm writing about me. I was 16 & pregnant. When I got pregnant with my 1st daughter, it was just 1 month before my 17th birthday. I didn't really realize it until I was about 6 weeks along. I was on vacation in Hawaii visiting my Dad and his side of the family. I was always SO tired while on that vaca, constantly napping. My family & I just attributed it to jet lag.

When I got back from that vaca, I finally started to realize that I hadn't had my period that month. I think I kinda knew in the back of my mind for a while but was in denial. I told my [now hubby] that I thought I could be pregnant. He bought a test and came over one day. I took it & yep,.. it was positive. We discussed our options. We were both in denial for quite a while though. I remember going to a clinic to see how far along I was & I was already almost 20 wks at that point! I was so scared but I knew that I wanted our baby. My mom didn't find out til right before Christmas time 2004 when I was about 5 1/2 months along already! She kinda suspected it when I was wearing baggier clothes at that time trying to hide the lil bump. I remember the morning she confronted me. I was watching mtv videos and the music video Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet was on..(.which was kinda weird since I found out a couple weeks later at my very 1st appt. that I was having a girl :D) She just asked if I was and I just told her. She was so understanding that day and said that it would be alright and she'd help me. I regreat not telling her sooner so I could have received prenatal care earlier but I was just so incredibly scared and ashamed.

Well fast forward to being a teen mom. I was instantly in love with Sabrina when she was born! I didn't resent her or the fact that I was a teen mom. It was a happy feeling. She was born on a monday. I missed that week of school. And the next week just happened to be spring break so it was nice to have that off w/ her!

Getting into the groove of high school and baby was pretty hard. I just had 2.5 months left of high school anyways so it wasn't so bad. I was just really tired and prob had spit up in my hair most of the time ha. I remember staying up so late breastfeeding, rocking her, and just watching her sleep. But at the same time trying to complete my english honors projects and writing my papers. It was tough but I got the hang of it. My mom was really helpful too! She'd come out every once in a while and hold her while I did my work and not to mention the fact that she watched her while I went to school! It was kinda weird that my baby attended my high school graduation but I was so proud. That was the 1st time my Dad got to meet her. It felt good to have her there and its something that I can share and smile about with when she's a lil older.

It was pretty hard at times and I can say to other young girls that I definitely do not recommend getting pregnant at such a young age. There are a lot of things I missed out on. I didn't go to my senior prom. But I didn't get out all that much to begin with and wasn't the party type. I remember my mom practically forced me to go to a party with my older brother but I didn't want to leave the baby at all! I handled being a young mom at such a young age but I couldn't have done it at all without my Mom! And for that I owe her all the thanks in the world. I will do everything in my power to make sure that my kiddos learn from my mistakes and do things differently. I will definitely have 'the talk' with them as my mom never did with me and I wish that she would have.