Sunday, April 25, 2010

heya palz.

i've been mia and that is major suckage. but it's been busy around here so get off mah back!! :D it's study week this week so major studying for finals. lots of last minute assignments to hand in. then finals the following week which i am completely ecstatic about. hardy-har-har. im excited to be done with this semester though! i'll be going back to summer school on june 6 so i'll get a lil break. i'm trying to plan for Ryland & i to go up to olympia washington to visit my mom & siblings. would be so totally amaaazing. i've also registered for the fall semester and i'm really excited for the classes i'm going to be taking. for the summer, biol 304 and 348, molecular genetics & human anatomy as well as 2 online elective classes that i don't really care about :D

then for this fall, chem 241 organic chemistry & lab, biol 426 plant anatomy & lab, biol 438 water management, and physics 152 & lab. going to be busy but so stoked for these bio classes!!

well i need to either get back to studying or get to bed! blog again soon.

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  1. man with all this summer school and then another fall semester... when should you graduate boo? Seems like you've been in school for forever now.