Monday, April 5, 2010

spring break is over. boohoo.

it was a nice relaxing time though. it didn't seem like it went by too fast or anything. it went by just as fast as it should of :D the time w/ my babies was well needed! we had lots of fun and kept busy!

march 26: we went to our fav play place child's play & Ryland started grabbing his toes that day!!


march 27: the girls started ballet/tap class!! watching them is a blast!
 and then we headed to the park for an Easter outing with my lovely mommies & kiddos of LVTinyTots. were were also celebrating 5yrs of our playgroup!! so awesome.

(freakin precious)

(happy 5yrs lvtinytots!)

march 28: sabrina had a build a bear party for her 6th at the mall with some friends. it was awesome & the kids had a blast making the cutest animals! we had some lunch at the mall before & then we all sat in the food court & did cuppies & prezzies :)

(beary fun.)

march 29: my big girl's 6th bday! crazy to think i became a mommy 6 yrs ago! we started w/ some play time at pump it up. what better way to start a morning than bouncing around? :D then i let her pick her bday lunch. at 1st she wanted to "sit at a restaurant and eat mac & cheese." then she changed her mind & wanted mcds. lol. so we got mcds & headed to our fav play place childsplay & played for 4 hrs! wow. we came home & the girls decorated a pink cake. she wanted all 20 candles on top. hah. we had a lil party w/ just us & the mother in law. sang & opened presents. it was nice :)

(jayda at pump it up)

(on her bday playing on the tree swing)

(jayda wants to help blow out those 20 candles!)

march 30: went to crystal palace for family night. 20 bucks for 4 skaters, rentals, a small pizza, & 4 sodas. was awesome, but VERY packed. the girls had lots of fun! we wore pink that day in honor of baby Cora's 4 month birthday too.

(blurriness. but daddy & breens skating.)

(she did good trying out her new bday skates!)

(silly jayda & i in pink.)

march 31: it was a suuuuper blustery day. wind bowing like crazy. daddy took the girls back to crystal palace for quite a few hours to skate more. i had a quiet day w/ ryland & we went out shopping for a little bit.

april fools: was a pretty lax day. we had a late afternoon playgroup at the park with our friends Ami, Dawn, & Francine & their kiddos. a perfect outing. Francine got a great shot of mullet boy which reminded me just how much i love mullets.

(mullets are back?)

april 2: had a lovely morning mcds playdate with mommies Melinda & Francine. once again francine captured this cutie pie moment of our oh nine baby buddies Ryland & Mariah

(so cute, it hurts.)

april 3: we had a photoshoot with sabrina's kinder teacher at the park early in the am. she is also a photographer & likes to take pics of my cute kiddos for her website :) ha but cant wait to see them & hoping she emails some soon. she showed me some on her camera & they were CUTE. she also did a newborn shoot with ryland in january. we went straight to ballet after. relaxed most of the day but then spent the evening running around a couple of stores getting last min easter basket goodies! (claires 10 for $10 is perfect for little girls!!)

(found this extremely cute bunny in the grass at the park. woah)

(girls after ballet/tap. gotta <3 those poses)

april 4: easter sunday, yo. bunny left us goodies. the girls were so excited & ravage through their baskets :D happy 1st easter ryland! then we drove out to pahrump cuz my mommy was out visiting at my grandmas & will be til next week!! we had a nice family dinner there & sabrina had a small fam bday party there since they couldn't be at her other 2. spoiled kid :)

(the bunny goods.)

(ryles & his 1st easter basket!)

(small family hannah montana party :) bday hat & wand.)

(6, indeed.)

(doin it up big w/ sparklers in her cake)

april 5: well today was supposed to be back to school for 6yo & i. instead i took her to get some dental work done at the surgical center. much more fun right?...what a way to officially end our spring breaks :D

(before going in. so cute & happy.)

(after the procedure. she was not a happy camper!)

(Ryland being such a sweetie pie waiting for his sis.)

Poor Ryland. he was a lil fussy today while there even after i had him changed & fed. took him a while to get to sleep. then he did it again tonight so i had to run to the store to get some gas relief drops cuz i knew that was whats wrong. came back & he was asleep :( i think it might of been the easter ham & other sides i had at my grandmas cuz it didnt make me feel that good after too :(

Phew. so that was my week. going back to school tomorrow. missed it. not :D


  1. omg you had a very busy time!!!

    And holy crap look how swollen her mouth was :( How sad. I still can't believe they did that crap. Weird to me.

    and wtf,... mullet boy?! who the hell is that?!? LMAO