Friday, September 24, 2010

the new stuff.

isn't the new blog design perfecto? it was done by Jenn over at Double Duty Mommy! she is an awesome blog designer so be sure to check her out at Apple of My Eye Designs as she has some grand opening specials going on right now!

so, the skinny with me:

im about 5 weeks into this fall semester and its going great! the first exams always sting a little, but that's okay. i know what to expect now.

i also got a student position working in my water management (Biol 438) professor's, Dr. Devitt's Urban Water Conservation Lab. i'll be helping grad students do their research for a few different projects. i know one project is testing how the runoff of the salt used to de-ice roads in mt charleston affects the surrounding soils and plant life. another project is testing how effective reuse water is in growing plant made pharmaceuticals. it's so fun and exciting! i worked on monday and it went by so fast! i did some carbonate bicarbonate titrations regarding the reuse water samples. and here is a picture of an experiment i did. using cryogenic vacuum distillation, I collected water fractures from soil samples so that the grad students can test them in the isotope lab.

 it's nice being paid to do something you really enjoy! i've become very interested in becoming a soil scientist too so we'll see what happens. :)

i talked with an advisor so i'm expected to finish up my coursework by next fall! oh, i can't wait and i'm so excited! c/o 2011 :)

the kiddos are all doing great! sabrina is loving the 1st grade and her 1st grade teacher. at first, she missed kindergarten and her kinder teach a whole lot! but 1st grade is growing on her. she is starting to feel like a big kid. :D

jayda missed the kindergarten cutoff date by 2 days so she will be starting kinder next year. :( she was very sad but we do what we can to keep her busy. she is in a kinder prep rec center class on saturdays and i'm looking into getting them into dance again! jayda's 5th birthday is oct 2! her party is on the 10th. she is having a mario themed party at the park. this is our first attempt doing a party at the park as the weather always seems to suck and get really windy. but we're trying it this time. these girls are obsessed with mario so it will be fun decorating for this! they even have princess peach and princess daisy costumes. and im going to dress ryland up as a little baby mario. haha

ryland is 9 months! 3 more months and he'll be devouring his very 1st bday cake! its gone fast but i've enjoyed every little moment with this little guy. he is an amazing little boy!

well it's the weekend! i need to go enjoy myself. :) have a good one everyone!



  1. The blog looks great!! Women scientist rock ;)

  2. Where did you get your girls princess peach and daisy costumes? My girls want to be this for Halloween this year and i can't find a daisy costume anywhere. Please e-mail me at njmerrell at gmail dot com Thank you!