Sunday, September 26, 2010

weekend fun fest: part 1

friday we went to a friend's daughter's 2nd bday party. it was toy story themed and so cute!

saturday morn, the girls have a rec center class they go to. here they are after it showing off their atwork and just being plain cute. ha.

we went to a car show last night. it was kind of a waste because we drove all the way down there but then the hubby felt too lost in the crowds, tired, and wanted to go home after about 30 mins. i was kind of enjoying myself and the kids were too. these cars were so beautiful. it's almost like walking through an art museum. it's pretty neat. :D except everyone and their mom was smoking and it was pretty nasty. so i was glad to get out of the smoke cloud! here's some pics:

ooh la la. a pretty pink car fit for a princess!

hubby liked that purple one

my little car model :D


this car was so pimp being that it was decked out in leopard print.

a couple cars rockin the lakers colors

a pink car with lashes. cute!

and got some yummy yogurtland after. mmm. :)

up next- weekend fun fest: part 2: carnival!



  1. C gets like that 2 when there are tons of ppl around.

    crazy DH's!

  2. Fun day! I love seeing random stuff like that.

  3. Aww your daughters are so cute! Sounds like you all had fun and omg I love Yougurtland! They have the best frozen yogurt!

    Little Sugar Monster