Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's so hard to study...

...with a hubby and 3 LO's. i sit down to study & one daughter wants help getting a snack. i sit down again to study & the other wants help reading a book or playing a game. i once again try to study & the baby boy is ready to eat. and when i am actually in front of my work, the girls are wrestling with thier loud lil mouths and the baby is grumbling cuz he just wants to be held or the hubby wants me to help pick up around the house or help fold laundry. & when i actually do fold laundry, i don't always get to put it away right away & the girls manage to mess them up every time...

oh lol. it's always something. almost never uninterrupted.

but i realize i kinda love it. i like the chaos & busy-ness or i would go crazy in boredom like i do when i'm not around them. BUT at the same time, i do get out every once in a while for time to myself or i would also go crazy :D

it's so hard to study, yet alone get out of the house to make it to school. on time. im always rushing to make sure the girls have lunch & that sabrina is dressed & ready for school (thank god for sabrina being on track break, heh) gotta make sure i have all the books i need in my bag. then i try to breastfeed the baby boy right before i leave. i often make it out of the house without even getting the chance to brush my teeth or put on my makeup. which is just seriously scary. thankfully i always have wisp disposable toothbrushes in my purse. love those things.

& then when i get back home from school, i usually immediately have a baby that wants to breastfeed, messes that are made that need to be cleaned up, & i gotta help the kinder kid w/ her homework. through it all, i have to find a few hours to get what work i need to get done for the day. ahh. i wouldn't have it any other way though. life is good :)

alright. well. i need to go study.

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  1. I've never known how you do it Katy! I think you failed to mention that the only reason you do all that is because you smoke crack! LMAO. JUST KIDDING EVERYONE (she doesn't really!!!)

    But really, I go nuts with just 1, I have no idea how I'm going to handle 2!