Monday, March 8, 2010


jayda amaris. she is my middle child. and she is freaking hilarious! she says and does the most random things. instead of saying' i don't know' she says 'i cant know' :D she's always been a a tom boy & a daredevil. she broke her arm in oct 2009 when she jumped off her loft bed, crazy girl! she's always getting hurt & runs into walls & tables. lol. yet, she still loves to play dress up, tea parties, & barbies w/ her big sis.

she desperately wants to go to school. she'll have to wait until next yr :( but she's so smart & sometimes corrects her big sis.

she's always been so tiny. at age 4.5 she's 28lbs. was in the hospital a lot last yr. she was diagnosed w/ asthma last yr & has to be on a nebulizer now. she's a sweet lil girl. always so helpful around the house! i absolutely love how every. single. morning. she wakes & and without thinking says so cheerfully, good morning mommy!

an interesting thing about her is that her daddy wanted to name her Moon. i know crazy right. wasn't gonna happen. but i looked up names that mean moon online & he was happy w/ Amaris. so that was good :D she's my boo boo. my mar bear. & she's so much fun :)


  1. dude, I didn't even know you started really blogging!! I RSS'd your ass so I can't miss a post!

  2. uh and btw, I sooooooo want one of those wood things you made once I know what i'm having & once the name is final! Put that on your To-Do list, pls!! lol.
    That crap is B.A!!