Friday, March 26, 2010

losing it!!

and i'm not talking about my mind. although with all i have going on you'd think that. haha. but no, i'm talking about my hair! post-partum hair loss is a bitch! it's seriously so freaking annoying.

i didn't really notice it with my girls. i mean, my hair has always shed like an animal. but i started noticing it this time several weeks ago. when im showering, it's the worse. i run my fingers through my hair and get chunks! then when i brush my hair, it doesn't even look like a brush anymore but like i'm brushing my hair w/ a cat. wtf.

then the strands just keep coming out throughout the day. i can even touch my head without a strand falling off. hair is always all over my clothes. we're constantly  having to vacuum as it gets all over the house and car. i even found a strand in my salad the other week! UGH! (do not let me prepare you any food without a hair net.) i absolutely hate when it gets on baby boy so i'm constantly checking him! man, it's a nightmare. Attack of the Hairs. eff.

and then i was sitting on one of those white plastic lawn chairs the other week. well all the hair that was on my clothes or ready to fall out was attracted to the chair. when i got up the chair was COVERED in hair. freaking hair chair. it was so gross to me. had to gather it all up and throw it out!

i already notice it getting pretty thin. i wouldn't be surprised if i had to start wearing a hat soon. gosh, just feels like a lot is falling out. pretty soon, i will look like this.

here's a pic from yesterday. it doesn't look that bad yet. i have it all in the front though and it's seems about 1/2 it's usual thickness.

im debating on doing a shorter cut like a bob cuz long hair just really sucks right now. most websites i read say your hair is back to normal anywhere from 6-12 months postpartum. i hope really soon cuz it's lame.

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  1. LMAO. omg the pic of Golum!! hahaha. u are crazy.

    But dude, I know what ur going thru and it's not even PP shit. It's every day crap just because my hair is so thick. Covered on a chair though... uhh yeah, that's never quite happened.

    and brushing ur hair with a cat? HAHA. god seriously, u make me laugh so freakin' hard.