Thursday, March 11, 2010


the baby. he has completed our family. his name is Ryland Everett. at age 2.5 months he is such a joy! it's so new to me raising a boy but i am loving it so much. i <3 having a momma's boy :)

daddy always said he never wanted a son. he just wanted daddy's girls. but he was wrong :D he has become so attached to this lil boy. he thinks he is just too cute & says it everyday!

still learning so much about this lil boy each & everyday as he grows. but here's what we do know:

he loves him some boobie. nursing relaxes him.
his smiles are happily opening his mouth as big as he can.
he is such a mellow lil dude.
he recently started liking tummy time.
he's already absolutely annoyed with his sisters because they get in his face & kiss him lots. he cries when he knows they're near :D
he babbles and squaks to us. i have nice long convos w/ my lil mr. dinosaur.
he makes a sad lip at this loud annoying sound i make.
he likes splashing his feet in a bubble bath.
the kid loooves his sleep. sleeps for 8 hrs through the night & still takes a couple naps during the day!

well those are some of the things about my lil man. im having so much fun with my rylee bug and can't wait to learn more everyday!

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